In this first iteration of the annowiki.blog and anno.wiki sites, I have absolutely nothing to say in the Terms of Service page.

I am not a lawyer. This is not a binding document.

I will, however, put together some of my own thoughts about what the terms of use for anno.wiki are. These will be codified eventually.

Material submitted to anno.wiki is permanent. You cannot delete your posts. This may eventually change, but it is unlikely to. We are building a wiki, and as such, your submissions are for the world, not yourself. They are not tweets, they are pieces of knowledge. Similarly, you cannot delete your edits from Wikipedia.

Your account can be anonymized. This means your username and personal information will be scrubbed, but all your posts will remain.

Any illegal material including copyright material will be scrubbed from the site.

Please don’t be a jerk.

That is literally all I have to say about that right now.

Terms - anno.wiki