It's Alive!

May 29, 2019 is now live!

It is currently in beta mode, which means registration is only possible with a magic link I can send out. I will start inviting more people as I get more of the baubles done.

For instance, the bottom links, one of which links here, are still mostly dead. This has to change.

I created the twitter in the course of making this blog, but haven’t done anything on it yet. Unsure if I want to create a Mastadon and/or a Facebook. I am more inclined toward Mastadon.

I have gotten the email system working.

I am still indexing lines. Holy cow is that slow. Turns out there’s a bulk_index function to do what I’m doing but I totally am already ¾ of the way through indexing so it’s a little late for that.

There are still some styling flubs in the pages. Especially for mobile. Verse gets concatenated the same as everything and, even worse, when everything gets concatenated on mobile, the paragraph separations disappear.

I have to set up ssl for the main url, For now that means secure connections are only available via That won’t be for long.

I got to point to /docs in the text-processing repo, but now I have to try to set that up with this annowikiblog repo.

So this first post is a breathless one. Somewhat of a Mission Accomplished moment. Because is far from live.

It's Alive! - May 29, 2019 -